Keep it 1000

How to List

Listing is $1000 USDT, you can contact me at info to get listed. Submitting KYC certificate with listing or some other official document will help me list you quicker.

Anything else developed on our website including Web games will share the same principal, your coin name and link will qualify to be randomly used in our games!

How All Meme Coins Benefit Fairly

Hi thanks for expressing an interest in listing on my meme coin site. I made this site in the spirit of memes to give any meme coin project the chance to get great exposure at a fair one off cost forever! Meme marketing is incredibly expensive and most sites, KOLs and all those in between charge an absolute fortune to market your coin, here you pay one time and get equal exposure with all others.

Your in luck with my site, every link is shown randomly per visitor so you have an equal chance of any new visitor discovering your meme coin vs all the others who list with me (there is a maximum of 1000 spots available).

If your in doubt about the transparency of listings simply check the source code of my website and view the javascript it's all in plain sight!

When I get a bit more crypto savvy I will make the code and site immutable.